How to find out what's wrong with me if no one will tell me?

I believe that somehow my photographs project something negative about me and seems to stop people from wanting to even meet me in person. I have been on dating sites for almost 4 years and rarely get a date. I have difficulty making friends and get fired from jobs for reasons other people don't. I have asked people around me for advice and I have sawt the help of professional psychologists but I'm not getting any answers. I don't know what to do. Help me please !


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  • Post a photo. Could be how you present yourself & the body language you give off.
    If you have a dark past or character... people can intuitively pick up on that too.
    Also, if you lie on your dating profile, most people will skip you.

    • Interesting ! My photos seem normal enough. Different lighting, clothes , situations. Could I send them to you for analysis?

  • I know right


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