I don't know if these are signs that this guy likes me?

First I don't know if these are signs that this guy likes me or not but we were coming back to our friends house from getting food and he paid so I said thanks and gave him a hug and he kissed me on the neck also he was in marina del Rey and texted me at 3am saying I'm on the beach I wish you were here you'd be breathless

yah we are dating hahaha



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  • Yes, I think he likes you. On a slightly different note: sitting at Marina Del Ray at sunrise would be the most romantic date ever (I used to live in Los Angeles). If you aren't impressed, this guy's job is definitely cut out for him. He's trying to get you attention. Does he have it, yet?


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  • I am going to agree with the first guy and say he is really into you. Any guy who says he wishes you were there is into you and think about it would you kiss a person on the neck if you didn't like them. You wouldn't kiss a guy that you thought didn't look good and kiss him on the neck, right? If your into him then I think you got yourself a boyfriend there.


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