So met this beautiful girl on a dating site.. need a little suggestion?

I met a girl on a dating site and we talked, exchanged numbers first we talked over the phone for an hour and then we skyped for 3 hours and finally we decided to meet which was a very casual date, I wanted to keep it that way. I love her smile, the way she talks, her expressions are just perfect, she talks a lot and we will talk about almost everything and anything, most of time she is the one who is with the mouthpeice but I just love the way she talks so I was skyping with her yesterday we did for 2 hours and I asked her if wants to go out again and she said "Yeah sure, let's try to make this work out" .. I really hope this works out.. If not well what can you do. But I want this work out, I am praying and I am positive. What you guys think.. by she saying "Let's try to make this work out"?


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  • she probably has had a rough past relationships that dint work out well... and now that she possibly likes you, she wants the this to work out... and not end up in bed with American ice cream and tissues scattered all around her with a foul egg smell cuz she hant showered for days... lol... seen that in a movie once... :)
    good luck with this... best wishes

    • Yeah actually she did had a rough past and all the guys she's been out with were very intense that they all wanted to be with her and chased her around. I've been taking it real slow and easy I mean at a good pace. I laugh with her, I share stories with her, I text her once or twice a day.. just to let her know and she does text me back too.. I want this to work too.. She is 23 and I am 24 and I feel like just with her one smile she took everything away from me...

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    • hahahaha... sure you can.. :P text me and I'll give you her name. I don't want to give her name over public.

    • where can I text you from... ?

  • She likes u. And this relationship will DEFINITELY work out. I promise u that lol


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