Is it too soon to accept a gift like this?

Me and this guy aren't exactly dating but we're on our way there. For Christmas he said that he wants to get me three expensive gifts (one being one of those big teddy bears, one being a vape pen and one being a surprise) I've only known him for 2 months and last time I rushed into a relationship I got hurt pretty bad. Do you think I'm rushing things or that I shouldn't accept the gift?

(He only asked me for practical things like a pillow and shower stuff & I feel bad)


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  • You shouldn't really compare the presents because theyre just think he wants to get for you, I usually prefer going the route of what someone wants, because I wouldn't want to get them something they may not even end up using. However if you think you're rushing then you should tell him, you know yourself better than anyone else!


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  • You should gift him something too
    That way you'll be even

    • i bought him like a pillow and camo (he loves camo) sheets and a blanket and pj pants and like an axe value set, do you think thats even?

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    • i know:( but i don't know what else to get him, everytime i say i don't want him to spend a lot and that i only want one present he says "no i want to spoil you" and whenever i ask what he wants he says "i don't need anything" its really hard:(

    • It's OK
      The ones you bought are fine.

  • Just get him some flowers or something! haha

  • u can accept the gifts.


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