Guys, I don't understand this guy?

I met a guy at a coffee shop. He came to the table I was sitting and asked for my phone number. We had been texting for 4 days, and then he asked for my Facebook. He sent me a friend request, and had been texting me for a week then asked me out. We went out for a movie. When I got home, I got a text from him said " Hey, are you home safely?" We texted for a few minutes and then he asked " do you think we could be together?" I wasn't ready to be in a serious relationship with anyone as I'm not allowed to, so I said my parents didn't want me to have a boyfriend yet, sorry. It was a fun night out tho, we should probably be each other's good friend first and see what will happen in the future? He said "okay, I want to surround myself with good minded people :)" We kept texting for a few more weeks and then I hadn't got a text from him for a while. 3 days ago, he texted me again, I texted back, he read but didn't reply. Today, he just texted me again said "hi" I said "hi, how's it going?" He read the text but doesn't reply yet... What does that mean? I'm so confused. If he doesn't want to talk or to keep in touch, why would he text me?


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  • Do you initiate anything? All I see in your post is "he initiated this, and he initiated that." But nothing about anything you've done to actively show any interest especially after you said you want to be friends first.

    From a guys POV, a girl telling you she wants to be friends and yet she makes no attempt to actually treat you like a friend = she not interested

    • I replied to every message from him. I talked to him a lot, I also invited him when my friends and I were going out.

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    • Yeah he said that after you turned down the possibility of being in a relationship. You friendzoned him, and he doesn't seem interested in that

    • I understand :) Thank You

  • I'm sorry to say but I think he's only hitting you up when he's got nothing to do now. He seems like he used to have a thing for you but not anymore. Be upfront and say "why don't you reply?" Or "can you finish a conversation?" Ask him straight out why he's doing it. You could even just stop replying if he hits you up again

  • The attraction he felt wasn't stoked so it ran it's course.

    That's the trick with all relationships, keeping the flame alive. You snuffed his flame.

    No biggie, just don't expect it to rekindle.


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