Is this an ok outfit for a skating date?

I'll probably just put on a simple black turtleneck underneath. We're going for coffee then skating, then maybe drinks :)
Is this an ok outfit for a skating date?


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  • You look pretty. Your purse is a little much. Where do you plan on keeping it while skating. Side bag would work best. It'll also be out of your way. Have fun!!!

    • Side bag it is, thanks for the tip! Are you sure the skiing pants are not too much? I want to be warm, but not turn off my man lol :)

    • Your pants are perfectly fine. I wouldn't risk warmth for style.

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  • Of course you should always wear what your comfortable wearing, but from my experience you're a little over-dressed. No one from where I'm from would wear snow pants in a rink, and even outside its been so warm this year you may still stand out. As the other poster noted, I'd trade out the bag too.

    Whenever I went on skating dates I'd wear jeans and a nice sweater cause it even gets hot in a coat. But I'm a Canuck who grew up playing hockey so maybe we're used to it!

    • Yeah I'm changing out the bag, but it's about 45 degrees out which is pretty cold for me! Do you think the pants would be too much? I get cold easily!

    • Is this indoors or outdoors? If you think you'll be too cold certainly wear them but I think they'll be a bit much and you won't end up needing them. Plus if you're going out for drinks after, they'll be a little much, and they're not exactly something you can change out of if you don't want them.

  • I wouldn't mind if my girlfriend wore that :) it's cute so don't worry about it I'm sure your date will think it's cute to


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