How do you ask an ex on a date?

How do you ask your ex (we ended on good terms because of life circumstances getting in the way) to go on a date with you? He's expressed interest in saying that if he was meeting me for the first time now he'd still ask me out--he's still attracted to me and we still like all the same things. He's also said he would consider going on a date with me before he goes back to college.

Problem is, I just don't know the correct way to ask him. I don't know how to word it, or if I should call (we text every day, still) or anything like that. Any help?


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  • Why does it sound like you're not interested in him romantically?

    • Got me hanging, because I am.

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    • I'm planning to call him to wish him a merry Christmas, do you think that would be a good time to ask?

    • Tricky, it's not like saying "I love you, take care", to your partner where they already know how you feel and already engaged in a relationship with you, this is different, it's like you're starting right at the beginning, it's that personal you need to see reactions, you need to see expressions, you're to do this in person.
      Call and say, "Let's get a coffee before Christmas Day, as we'll both be with our families and I might not get to see you", just something shirt and easy, if he's really genuine and has these feelings to he'll say "Yes"... But, if he's traveling to see family who aren't local then it maybe a little difficult and shouldn't be taken to hart...
      But still call, still wish him Holiday cheer...

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  • If he likes you, he will ask you out. Follow his lead

    • We're moderate long distance. He's away at college until April but he's home for Christmas right now. I'd like to try and have a date with him while he's still here and that's probably going to take me asking him.

    • If he doesn't ask YOU out, then it wasn't his idea, and he isn't crazy about u

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