Girls, On what date should I kiss her?

And How should I end the first date? With a hug a kiss on the cheek or what?
  • 1st with a kiss on lips
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  • 2nd with a hug on 1st
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  • 2nd with a kiss on cheek on 1st
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  • 2nd with kiss on lips
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With a kiss on 1st means on the first date


Most Helpful Girl

  • There's no specific date number you should kiss her on.
    Kiss her when the time feels right.
    When that is, varies from person to person.
    What you should be doing however, is letting it be known what you have a very clear interest for it.
    Compliment her.
    Hold her hand.
    Hold the door for her.
    Show indications that you want to be more than a friend.

    • What if she's not the hand holding type and what if I'm not good at flirting

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    • Ok thanks

    • Thanks for mho :)

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What Girls Said 4

  • Just kiss her when it feels right, man. I've been on dates where we never kissed and with my current boyfriend I kissed him before the first date. If it feels like the natural thing to do, do it. If it feels like something that would be forced or unwanted, don't do it.

  • It depends on the girl, if it feels right go for it. I know this can be awkward but if you're really unsure you can talk to her about it.

  • When you are comfortable.

  • Only kiss her if you get the vibe that she wants to kiss you too. (Lots of eye contact, biting her lip, touching your arm/leg playfully)


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