How to approach the guy I like?

I met this guy at a club through mutual friends this summer. We're both quite outgoing and fun in our circles, but a little shy together. Friends had to push him for weeks to finally make a first move on me.
Our thing lasted 2 weeks. We just stopped talking/texting because it got socially awkward. Didn't see him the rest of summer. Now I see him ALL the time because we hang with the same people, and go to the same clubs/bars. We sometimes say hi, but mostly just ignore eachother. It's gotten SO F-ING AWKWARD, as in we literally will be right next to eachother but say nothing. It's just that i'm shy and have no clue what to say.
Tbh I still like him, and there are signs that he's still interested. But we're back to phase 1 just like in summer, where neither would make a move. After months of ignoring eachother, how can I out of the blue suddenly start talking to him? I just want to break the awkward tension, and we can be friendly (or more) again. Saying "hey whats up" isn't going to solve anything, any suggestions to start a fun convo and keep it going?


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  • Ah, I do have an opinion, but not sure if it works on your case. Can you find out who his friends are? Get some dirt from them, get information from them. Make an indirect hit. It seems like there's a bridge you need to cross before making anymore new moves on him. Get to his friends first, smart, safe, fast, and secured ways.


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  • Yes, saying "Hey, what's up?" does break the tension.
    You don't just leave it at that when he answers, carry the conversation on.
    Don't allow yourself to let this be a missed opportunity.
    You can speak about the weather, or how much fun you had the last time you hung out.
    You can even speak about Christmas and what you plan to do.
    Strike up some great conversation.
    Then end things with a, "I'd really like to hang out with you again sometime."
    Someone has to be the initiator.
    If both people are holding back, then things will continue to stand still.

    Best wishes <3


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  • You two are cute. One of you has to make a move.


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  • If you just want to be friends, say hi and maybe even plan a group hang out

    If you want to be more, then wait for him to contact you


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