Girls, what if the guy didn't sexually escalate?

What if he invited you over to watch a movie in his room just you two and he didn't do anything past cuddling and making out with you.

Would you think he is more romantic cause he just held you the entire time and didn't try anything sexual?

would you think he is too scared to escalate?

or something else?


Most Helpful Girl

  • A guy did me like that a few times during my stay at house. I loved it because I felt he respected my wish of waiting to have sex. Eventually, I started wanting sex more and more and every time he beat me to the punch and stopped it. In a way I believe by him being so patient with me won me over because it showed he had self control. I really like this guy and am trying so hard not to come on strong. To answer your question, I think it's very romantic.


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  • I'd be released that he didn't pressure me into anything while at the same time I go to be intimate with him


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