Is he simply busy or losing interest?

We met at my college graduation. We clicked. Eventually, he reached out (he lives in another state) and we got to talking. We connected because we both are first-year high school teachers. We talk everyday, but then sometimes we dont talk for days... it is on and off. he is not big on texting, i noticed. we do facetime often. one day, we made a bet and i won so he has to buy me plane tickets and he did follow through w it. visiting him was great. we talked about it, this is not a fun thing.. we are definitely getting to know each other. thats where we stand right now. the problem is, after the visitation, he stopped initiating contact (it has been a week and a half since the visitation).. I did reach out a couple of times and finally i checked in, he said he was just busy, stressed out but he says he misses me too. i just know something is different.. i think he now knows i am definitely interested.. he did all the work before i visited him, and now he just stopped. it was the last week of school so i imagine he was busy with grading and all that, and i know his mom was visiting him that weekend, and then i just found out he is out of town visiting family. but the problem is i texted him on Sunday telling him that star wars movie was great... he did not respond. not for three days now. its different. is he losing interest or is he this busy... what do you think, guys? the fact that i asked him if everythings ok w us --- was that ruining things? its not like i texted him a bunch of times, i was trying to be gentle about it. i did text him a little more than usual after the weekend together, yes, but now i didn't follow up on the last text message i sent him, which is now three days ago.. i just hope i didn't ruin the game.


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  • It's hard to say what do you think?

    • i think he is busy, but it would be nice if he simply communicates w me a little more.

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  • You may have seemed too into him which may have freaked him out a little bit. You didn't do anything wrong though, its just the way some things go. If you're asking him if things are okay then there's nothing more you can do except wait it out...


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