Did I blow my chance and has he lost interest?

A few days before Christmas break a classmate I had a crush on tried to kiss me. He told me he liked me. I told him I liked him too but didn't wanna rush things because we barely knew each other outside of school. I told him let's spend more time together. Then he went home and I thought we'd text and stay in touch but all I got was a picture of their Christmas tree which I had asked for. I texted him once or twice but he never started it on his own. Did he lose all interest in me? I miss him a lot but I'm afraid he doesn't like me anymore. :(


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  • Maybe he got disappointed with your answer, even thought I think that what you want is very reasonable. I'm not sure if you did, but I think that if he really wanted to do what you suggested he'd be making more efforts. Well, you can try to do the efforts yourself and see how things go, if you want to.


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  • Ball's in your court now. He already tried to make a move and you said no. Now you should be the one initiating.


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  • You need to BLOW him to get that chance back? Get it?


  • How many 'no's' is a boy supposed to suffer from one person?

    No means no, right?

    • Whatvdo you mean?

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    • Help me out, I really meant it when I said let's get to know each other outside of school. I meant let's start going on dates and hanging out. I thought it was clear. What should I do now? I mean how do I make a move here?

    • I think you have to wait until break is over and ask him out. I don't think it works to your advantage to keep texting him when he can't really act on it until school starts back up anyway.

      There also may be someone he's seeing while he's back home.

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