Online dating. Guys like my page, but don't message?

Ok, so in the past I've hated the idea of online dating. However, I'm in a new town and I want to meet someone new, which is hard when you don't have a starting point. I tried plenty of fish and ok cupid, and quickly got tired of being bombarded by guys who (putting it nicely) where NOT looking for a committed relationship. So one of the handful of people I know here suggested hinge, which connects you to people in your facebook social circle (so hopefully less creeps). New problem: the site will tell me if I've liked a page of a guy who also liked my page, but nothing seems to happen after that.
Literally, in the last 2 weeks I've had ~5 matches, and no one messaged me. I've tried on the last couple to say hello first, still a no go. I'm frustrated because I feel like if they liked my page already, at least one of them would have messaged me. I'm not sure what I could be doing wrong, or how to fix it. Any pointers?


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  • Well I don't see a reasons as to why they wouldn't message you if they liked your page unless they themselves are not interested in any way.

  • I think it's because your page is amazingly well crafted even if your face is not.

    • ... My picture is the first thing they see on the profile. If they thought I was ugly , why like the page? It's not like its a picture of the back of my head. No sunglasses, or hats in face.

    • Because the page is just very well laid out.

      You know how you see a dress on a woman, a model, and the dress is amazing but the model isn't?


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  • Maybe you can try messaging them instead.


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