Did I just blow it with this guy?

So this guy I really like and have been talking to/seeing for about a month asked me if I wanted anything for Christmas. I really like him, but I hate asking for things for Christmas.

He told me he's asked all his friends, so then he asked me what I wanted. So I kind of felt bad, I didn't want to ask for anything, and I really don't need anything. I think I may have disappointed him in saying no, but I'm not sure. Maybe I'm just overthinking it?

I told him that it was very thoughtful and I thanked him for thinking about me, but that I don't really need anything. I also told him I would feel bad because I didn't get him anything. Though if he got me something I would definitely get him something too.

I just don't know what to do. I've always gotten guys I like gifts, and I have had nothing but negativity from it. They feel awkward, because they honestly don't like me, but I really like them and then I give them a gift and it's like "oh, okay... thanks...".

Or I'll get an actual boyfriend a gift and he says the same thing. I just didn't want to have to go through that yet again. I feel bad that he might be disappointed. He usually says good night to me via text and he didn't after that :(
I should also add he asked me if I would date him, and I said yes and I asked him the same question back and he said yes as well. But wanted to tell me about his past.

He's told me about his past and I still want to date him. So I'm not really sure what is going on here.


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  • He probably took that as a sign of disinterest. Him offering a gift was sort of him making a move on you, and you essentially rejected it. I think you oughta let him know why you don't do gifts, so he doesn't lose interest completely.

    • He texted me this morning and said he fell asleep (that's why I never got a text message). I told him I would feel bad as I didn't get him anything and that I don't really need anything. But i thanked him again for thinking of me.

    • He may have thought you saying you didn't get him anything is a sign of disinterest. I know I would, at least. But then again I'm not a guy lol.

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