Just had a really awkward moment?

So me and my friend that i've known since we were 8 years old. Went out when we came back we were all sitting there. Then my old neighbhor who had a huge dispute with my family in the past. Her mom hates me and shit talks my whole family. Their daughter was there around my age. Didn't really get a hello from her just awkward vibes. They invited to go out to a bar. I made up I was going somewhere else and my buddy called me out on bullshit lol. Dude honestly most awkward moment of my life. Was not about to go out with them when all their family does is shit talk me and my family. I know the two girls are all probabaly talking shit on me right now. What do you think.. I mean would you of gone out with them?


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  • Hell no. Get revenge on your buddy. So mean.

  • I wouldn't have gone out with them if I were in your position.


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