I am confused if this girl is rejecting me or not?

She seemed to like me when we had a class togther.

I messaged her on facebook last week asking her if she wanred to go see a show. I checked two days later and she still hadn't read it. I assumed she just wasn't interested.

Then suddenly Monday she sent me a message saying sorry shed been out of town. Im confused cause she didn't suggest another time, but I was surprised she replied at all and the message seemed really warm and friendly with lots of exclamation marks.


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  • She doesn't sound interested. She didn't mention anything about the show or another time to go see that show.

    • Right! This is perfect. A chick validating basically what I said.

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    • you're probably right, still ill try asking her out again in a week or two to be sure. You havenr convinced me.

    • I'm not telling you to give up lol I'm just advicing you on what I think

What Guys Said 2

  • Ok. Just WTF do you think you're doing? Get her phone number! Always get a girls phone number! Don't use FB. I have an FB account. I go on it like once a week or less.

    You're wise to one one thing but I can't tell if she likes you or not. I'll explain. You're wise because you understand what I like to call an "alternative". This is when say you tell a girl to meet you for sushi on Thursday. She's says "I have a dentist apt Thursday, so I can't, but I can meet you Friday at noon".

    That's what I call an "alternative". The girl who does this likes you she's not blowing you off vs the girl who simply tells you she can't make it Thursday and gives you no alternative date to meet up. That girl is blowing you off. You seem to understand that principle. Good job. At least you're not like a lot of brainless guys who'll keep calling and trying to set up a date.

    The problem is you should have called her, NOT FB messaged her.

    I'd give her one more chance, next time call. If she doesn't accept a date from you, give you a different date and time (an alternative), or breaks a date she agreed to then she's not interested. Forget her and move on.

    I'm 60% on saying she's blowing you off. She could have easily said "Hey I didn't see your message, let's meet Monday for coffee" or something.

    Get her number, flush it once more and see if it all goes down or not. If not, move on.

    • Yeah i dont have her #. you're right tho was stupid nit to ask her.

  • I don't think she is really interested, she just likes talking to you.


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