Is she making me jealous or really not into me?

1. There was a girl who was only friends with me in the class. she used to laugh, flirt, smile only with me but soon another dude came in the picture.
2. Infront of this dude, she maintains distance with me but in his absence she again flirts with me.
3. one day, she was sitting with this dude , i came in class... she just smiled and waved at me happily and then did not talk to me for whole day, whole day that dude and she was sitting in the class and laughing and smiling and having nice day.. like she used to have with me earlier.
What could be the reason?
  • She likes that dude, and waved at me in a friendly way.
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  • She is doing all this to make me jealous, she likes me.
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What Girls Said 1

  • She is not trying to make you jealous, but I don't think she likes the dude either.

    • She and dude were roaming outside the class always, and they were sharing their food, and later that day she and he were talking about going to a movie. do u still think there's nothing?

What Guys Said 2

  • According to me , I think she doesn't like either of you, she just wants to have a nice time by flirting, talking and having fun, however some of your sentences does seem to indicate that she might be trying to test you or to make you jealous, it's possible, but then why would she do that, not unless she suspects that you have feelings for her which you have not mentioned in your post, so you having feelings for her is ruled out.

    I am unable to understand her sudden change in behaviour when the other guy came into picture. I mean she seems to induce a lot of uncertainity, her behaviour is also not steady and is confusing.

    Hence I would say just ignore her, stay away from her. That will be my suggestion. I hope you understood what I am trying to say? if not you can ask me again.

    • Bro, she knoes i like her, but she ignores me infront of that dude as if she wants to show that dude that there is nothing more between me and her than friendship... why would a girl ignore a friend infront of other male unless that male is more than a friend and she wants to show him that there is nothing between me and her?

    • Yes, you are absolutely right in that case, I can say she is trying to make you jealous, otherwise I can see no other reason why she would do that. I am sure if a woman knows that a guy likes her she will not try to make him jealous like this, but in your case this woman is doing that, its very clear.

      I don't know if she thinks of the other guy more than just friends, but no matter what I stand by what I say, this woman is inducing a lot of uncertainity in her behaviour, and that is not right. What you are saying can also be a possiblity.

      Her ignoring you in front of him could also mean that she is trying to indirectly reject you or to push you away so that you go away on your own, it could very well mean that she has an interest in him otherwise a woman won't behave like that.

  • Damn dude you're probably her rebound guy, you can do better

    • What should i do now?
      should i butt in or just ignore them?

    • Just find another chick dude don't waste your time on one

    • okK... thnx man
      Feck this bitch... she dumped me for another dude i can't believe it...

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