We were fine until his ex came, he said he likes me but still has feeling to her, how should I do?

We've been dating for 6 weeks, exclusive, we are completely opposite that we have no topics to talk to but still attracted to each other.

Things changed last week, his ex came from abroad for holidays (two weeks), he disappeared and I found they were together and at his place. (from her FB)

I was upset so I told him that we should stop, he said he likes me but still has feelings to her. They were together two years ago, she cheated on so they broke up. They are friends afterward but still care about each other's relationship.

He disappeared because he didn't know how to explain to me.

Finally he made a decision, he said he wants to continue with me, and cut off from her because he thinks they are in an unhealthy relationship. He said he would talk to her.

The next day, I found she's at his place again. I asked him, he said they met there just because it's convenient, and they didn't have sex and he doesn't want to. But it seems he didn't talk about cutting off to her..

He said he's not playing me and he what he said is true, however, i can't see any other evidence from his action.

Now i blocked him but i am in pain, i would rather hear that he would choose that girl than giving me hope.

How should I do?


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  • I've similar problem. And I'm still confused I'm waiting him to listen to his excuse!
    But my problem is his mum she came here 2 weeks ago we didn't talked since then, she's forcing him to marry someone he doesn't want! He always say that he likes me a lot and don't want to lose me and if he say the exact reason I'll leave him and he don't know what to do, That's all I know he didn't give me too much details and I don't know what's his problem exactly, our last convo was after he disappear for days I asked him what's his problem he said that his mum came and he have a reason, he told me that's she will come last time we met, then he disappear, he said that he'll call me whenever he can and I've to give him 4 weeks then he gonna show up, so it's been 2 weeks and I'm in the same pain as yours, our relationship depends on what he gonna said after 2 more weeks. Sorry I didn't give you a good solution but all I can say is talk to him again, if what he'll say "convincing" to you, and "you make sure" he won't hurt you, you can give him a chance. I hop it goes okay with you❤️

    • 4weeks is toooo long... I can't bear with this for more than three days==
      It's just torturing and I don't see any reason that I should bear with this.
      Maybe you should start dating someone, if he came back for you, that will be good, but don't live in such pain, one month is what you gave him, why he can't just think about all the pain he gave you and why he doesn't just use a way to make you feel better?
      Ohh I am telling myself as well, I've block him already. I want to move on.

    • You're totally right!! This made me relax actually thank you!
      I know one month is too long but I couldn't do anything. If he showed up and call me I've so much to say but what shall I say exactly, plus that he didn't tell me the exact reason about his family.

    • He told me before his mum is coming and gonna stay for one month

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