Do you beleive your best long term (non-Internet related) relationship would of got off the ground of you met by way meeting on Tinder?

  • Yes, if we saw two clear photos of each other
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I suppose, in an effort to remove bias from this question, the relationship can't still exist. I am referring to your most successful relationship that has ended. I beleive if you are currently in the relationship, it would be a biased opinion as you have not had time to reflect back on the relationship with an unbiased opinion.
The reason it is biased is because when you are in love with someone currently, and vice versa, you can't imagine anything that could of prevented both of you to not have come together as your current bond is so valuable. To think otherwise is to devalue your current bond you have right now and part of being in love is the notion so long as you walked passed each other, even if blind and deaf, and I the middle of a war zone, your hearts were meant to be together by fate but is not reality is it.


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  • Um, I think for me it would be based on whether our initial conversations captured his personality and sense of humor.

    • That is the essentially what I am referring to, so in your case, it would require both you to swipe right, him to swipe right, you wouldn't have the ability to know how to interpret his sense of humor and personality through his texts as you wouldn't have known him yet. For example, if his sense of humor was unique and written in text, you may of misinterpreted it, and deleted his profile, or vice-versa, or maybe you would of made an assumption like he lived too far away or didn't texted you too late at night, then when you met, there is a risk that perhaps his personality didn't shine through as he was nervos or had three other guys texting you, etc, all these hurdles exist that don't exist in a normal "hi there!" Waiting in line together at a grocery store line flirt and get his number and he shows you that personality without all these hazards

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