Slowing down and taking a break?

So my boyfriend had ask to take things slow. Then he got into a fight with my mom cause he had borrowed my beats audio headphones. Since that fight he has told me that he needs some time to cool down and that he needs his space. Well the other day he told me that he had to work and would bring them over after work till I got a text while walking to work that he was dropping them off at my job. All this being done at the time he said he was suppose to be at work. Well he handed me my things and I ask if he wanted his stuff which was at my place he told me no he could stop over durning the week and get them. Then he turn and pratically
started to run away and when I ask him to call me later he wouldn't even look at me or akcknowledge that I asked him to call me. So like 10 minutes after he left he texted me
asking what I needed to talk to him about. Well that morning I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive and I wanted to tell him about it and let him know I'm going to a doctor this coming week to double check. He seemed a little... Flat I guess is the word, just saying he understands. I have expressed my concern about needing space and have told him I'm worried we are going to break up or he will find someone else. He keeps saying he doesn't want to break up and that he won't find another but I'm still uneasy. He is very very hard to read


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  • Honestly in my opinion from how ur explaining it, he just seems worried you might not like that he got into a fight with ur mom
    And he doesn't want to lose it in front of you he wants to be seem as mature not immature and he wants to be able to calm down before he talks to you or something and panics and honestly he won't leave he seems like he is just wanting to have space cuz maybe he has a memory of losing his cool on someone he cares about and doesn't want that to happen with you he cares about you alot!

    • I care about him a lot. I'm also not mad that he had a fight with my mom I believe she overreacted to the whole thing. He makes me so happy I just don't want to lose him.

    • Well dont panic just make sure he knows if he feels comfortable talking that your there for him and he will talk when he feels he has calmed down :) and if your panicking about the pregnancy thing you have to tell him you need him for this and he will realize that he needa to give you his love and attention at this time in life and really needs to help support/ relax you

    • I think another reason I'm nervous he will leave is cause he has a second Facebook that he has been using and that he blocked me from. He says he is going to delete it and that he is just on there talking to friends and family telling to add his newer Facebook.

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