Guys , Did I blow it?

So I've known this boy since we were in 8th grade , we dated but it wasn't anything serious. My freshman year in high school I had him for a class and all year long we'd bug each other and I always liked him but never said anything , especially when he got a girlfriend. Now it's sophomore year and I still like him , we don't talk as much and I don't see him anymore since we don't have classes. Anyways , a couple of days ago we were texting and we both admitted to liking each other last year. He asked if I still liked him and I said yes. He said that he didn't know what to say because we don't talk anymore. And he said he was a little freaked out. I said goodnight & it feels weird now. Did I blow it? Should I not have said I still liked him?


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  • No u did the right thing. If u would've denied u still liking him then he would have no hopes. Now he knows u still have feelings for him and he most likely still has feelings for u too. If he's so gle I strongly suggest that if he doesn't ask u out soon then u should ask him out. Or at the very least hint very plainly to him that u would really like to go on a date soon lol something like that


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