Guys, Does this ever upset you?

So do you ever have a freind you seem to be hitting it off with, then you learn that she has many guy freinds she is "feeling out" for relationship stuff. It makes me feel like I'm just a number on a list, or that I'm not worth her full attention (even as a potential suitor) I often hear the excuse that you have to keep your options open to make sure you have the highest chance of finding the right person but that just feels like an excuse to walk all over people's feelings just because it makes your goals easier to attain.
And to all the women who read this just know that doing this to someone hurts, it's not the rejection but the realization that your just being led on and that to her you are only worth a fraction of her time or attention.


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  • Well she doesn't really owe you anything, and you don't have to focus your attention on just her unless she gave you a very clear indicator of interest.

    That said, yes it is annoying, and I feel it's compounded by girls being very indecisive at best. Also, if you recognise that she's doing this for attention, then just ignore her. Easy enough.

    • That's basically what I did, it just sucked because there was a clear statement of interest romantically, I'm just not simply another option like you'd find on a dinner menu.

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    • Yup that's all you really can do in the end.

    • Thanks for MHO :) Sorry about the situation, but learning experience is the best way to view it.

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  • Sometimes you just have deal with it, plenty more fish in the sea, also, if you don't want to be the number on the list, be bold and just go for her. Perceiving yourself as a "number on the list" is just a negative thought which is dragging you down so open the cage door and go for her tiger! :P

  • She's an attention whore and I have no sympathy for guys who throw all of their time, effort and energy into an attention whore. You're not being led on intentionally, you feel that way because you're acting like a puppy.

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