How do I know that im attractive?

Soo, im a guy and i was wondering is there a way to tell that your physically attractive.

What is like to be an attractive guy?

Do you always get hit on by women?

Do women approach you?

Do women stare at attractive guys in public all the time? (e. g. do you catch eye contact with women all the time)


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  • Its not that girls throw themselfs at you. You also have to deal with a lot of hate from some people. Jealousy etc. When you are attractive girls will immendiatly See you in any enviroment you draw a lot of attention to you. But girls are often intimitated and can't look at you but you will catch them staring. Mostly attractive women show intresst in you by smiling and keeping eye contact. The ugly average girl will mostly hate you sometime try to put you down. Sometimes even pretty girls. But you get the best reactions from the really attractive girls. But how i said intimitation is a factor too. You will notice girls get nervous arround you / avoid you. It happends not often that girls make the first move. Its the opposite you have to put them and ease and often clear the wrong pre judgments girls have about you. When you are attractive people will project a lot of negative and positive attributes to you. Sometime people will think you are gay. Being physicly attractive is only one part of getting girls.