Twerking while Dating: Okay, whatever, not Good?

So, I just met this guy at a party in November. I did not see him twerking with anyone at this party because I wasn't paying any attention to him.

They say where you meet a person can make a real impact on you and that person's future, which I agree with. Anyway, so I personally think twerking is super sexual. The girl is grinding her butt against a guy's dick, like I think it's pretty bad, which is why it makes me uncomfortable to do it. So , I don't twerk. I dance, but I don't twerk on any guys.

I know we are young and I'm a sophomore in college and so is he, so I wouldn't ask him to give up twerking. But, while, we are dating I just feel like I should never SEE him do that with another girl...

Okay, so you know how I feel about twerking and so does he.

Here's the BIG issue: him and I go to different schools. My school is hosting a big formal party that both his school and my school will be at. We talked it over, and he just said that we should go and see what happens. But, I think that's reckless. I think if I see him twerking with several different girls, I will not want to date him anymore. And, I think if he sees several guys flirting with me, he will be jealous. I can just see this ending very badly for both of us. On top of that, since he doesn't like dancing with girls from his school, he'll be dancing with girls from MY school 😟. People who are friends with me 😩🙈.

Since, it's my schools party, I feel like he should sit this one out. Or we should stay on opposite sides of the room. Or we both don't go. Or we stop talking to each other.

Again, I know him and I are just dating now. But, I can see this being a really big problem in the future. What do you think we should do?
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Twerking while Dating: Okay, whatever, not Good?
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