She told me "you flirt a lot on chat but in real you are shy thank god".. and she was smiling while telling me this?

I dont know what she meant by this. please help me.

  • I should keep flirting with her in real too.
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  • I should stop flirting on chat,
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What Girls Said 2

  • Maybe when you guys were chatting and you were flirting a lot, she may have found you to be a bit overwhelming and she likes the real you when ylu are not flirting. Bottom line- I think that she said thank god because she really liked you but on chat you were a bit overwhelming, but in person, your her shy type.

  • She likes the way you are now don't try and change


What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe she sees you as a friend maybe she wanted to tease you. You should know the answer not me

    • If he knew the answer why would he would ask it online? 😏

    • He has to remember the situation and everything what happened before. And he knows the girl not me

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