How come she never texts me first?

OK so here it is straight to the point... back about a year ago, I added a girl named Jessica to my FB. we talked on MSN off and on for several months, but then I gradually just lost interest because of the lack of communication between us. I sent her a message, asking her if she was interested and she said "Yes I am very interested" and some other stuff too, I can't remember the message. anyway, after being the first one to always text, I got annoyed and deleted her from FB. months passed and I decided to delete my old FB and make a new one... lo and behold, she added me once again! We got to talking, one thing led to another and we hung out and had coffee... she seemed interested as she told me how awesome I was and everything.

She texted me first a few times after that date, then after a while it was me texting her... and I know she's interested because she hinted prom in June and how she wants to take me to a Basketball game on March 21st. this girl is different, has a good head on her shoulders and has a pretty busy life... but why do I always end up texting her first? Last night I told her how I felt, and she says "I'm glad you told me because I really like you, too, and how you think and how you're so relaxed and everything... its just awesome, but I think we need time to get comfortable with each other first"

she mentioned something in the car about MSN... it was like "it is much better seeing you in person than chatting on MSN! I hate how it's always like 'lol', 'gtg', 'brb', 'ttyl'."

i am confused - I know she likes me but WHY must I have to text her first in order for HER to want to hang out with me? she is very different than any girl I've met... I just need a good solid answer so I don't end up over texting her and causing her to drift away.


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  • I do that with a guy I'm talking to ...

    He has to text me first... mainly because I don't want to look like I'm bugging him or make it look like he has to text me every moment of the day.

    Like me she doesn't want to seem desperate... Its hard to explain and put it in words but trust me SHE LIKES YOU.

    We don't like to text you first for fear you might be busy or be inconvienced.

    And even though we know you like us and like to hear from us we don't want to be viewed as annoying or clingy.

    But one thing you should never doubt is that

    We can't wait for you to txt us, and the days you don't we feel dissapointed. :)


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