Hi, I just wanna say it's time?

got rejected by biggest ever crush months ago, it hurt, I tried to figure out what was wrong with me, realized she just didn't like me I guess and just moved on

well now the hurt is pretty much gone, I'm doing good in school, I have a job, good close friends... etc

i think I'm at my absolute peak and I believe it's time to put myself out there for good

i don't know how though, and I haven't seen a girl I liked yet

i need tips


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  • Just be happy that you're finally ready to try again. Don't put a time limit on finding your next love. Let her come into your life and don't push too hard (like flirt hard with every girl you find attractive). Just be natural and your chill normal self. From personal experience, I think starting as buddies/friends is good and then moving to lovers. (That's how things went with my current (and first) boyfriend and we've been together over a year and plan to get married, so I think it works.) ☺️


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