Help! I'm too scared to ask him to hangout?

There's this guy that I've known since my second year in high school. We used to talk and play around in class a lot. Now it's senior year and he sits next to me in class once again. We don't talk like that but we do have conversations and honestly I feel like we both flirt with each other I'm not too sure. He's always asking me questions like why am I always at Starbucks and what do I get there. I never thought to ask him if he wants to go with me. I don't know how to go about asking. I'm not usually shy at all when it comes to this. It's just that he's Mexican and I'm black. I'm not sure if he's into black girls that's why I'm so afraid to ask I don't want to get rejected.


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  • You likely will get rejected but do you want to live a life asking "What if?"


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