Alright my girlfriend just went to the mental hospitial yesterday and I dunno what to think or say as I have mental issues also but not as bad?

She tried to call me today from mental place and I didn't answer I dunno what to say or do... are relationship has been on the rocks for the past couple months... Im about done with the relationship I have a kid and my own responsibilities. Her mother talked to me last night On the phone and saying that it has nothing to do with me and everything... but I don't need this.. I love her but I think it is to much with everything. We talked about getting are own place but I'm having second thoughts cuz of me having a kid and I don't want to put my kid in to anything that would happen yet I don't think any thing ever would she and my daughter get along great. But just don't know if after this if it's going to get better for us or not... I don't even wanna go see her or anything she is like 45 min away. My girlfriend told me before that this time of year is not good for her and it's not wit me either I thought it would of changed thought we are together to having a good holiday and all but now I'm not. I'm just lost for words... we have only been dating seriously got 6 months but have casually dated 6 to 9 months before we got serious

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  • It's difficult m, but if you love her and you think you could raise your daughter with her despite her illness than try. If you think that it is not a good environment to raise your daughter, I would leave. Think of not only you, but your daughter and determine what is best for you both in this situation. Best of luck.


Most Helpful Guy

  • it is difficult.. very very difficutl... mhhh
    i would never suggest that you leave her while she needs you the most. but if you can't handle it, there will be a serious problem in the relationship, what if this happens again and you are to stressed to help her, like right now. the last month of downtime are probably caused by the mental illness.
    your choice... if you can handle or think you can but you are not sure, Stay!
    if you stress yourself out because of her, Leave!

    good luck for both of you


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  • People go there for depression too. If you drop her, or want to, you don't love her as much as you say you do.


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  • You two were meant for one another.

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