Could it work? Any ideas?

I moved to another country for two years for my job. In a year now I have to go back to the states. I started dating a guy over here and didn't know he was in the military as well, and he has a kid with a female over here. He has 10 years left on his contact and I have 15 before I can retire. He keeps talking about serious relationships but we are both unsure of the future so we are skeptical about taking steps in the serious direction. Anyone have any ideas? Think things could work? I have to go back to the states no matter what. I don't know if a guy could just drop everything to be with me. I have been in longer than him and set myself up for a life in the states.


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  • I think it could work potentially, if you're going back because you're on a visa then I would look into applying for another one depending on the rules and laws. Its possible it could, however I don't think he'd leave the country seeing as he has a child.

    • Not on visa, on military orders that I can't break. There isn't a chance I can come back.

    • ooh! I missed that part "as well", any ideas on what you're going to do?

    • No clue. Trying to pry for opinions and ideas really