Is part of the reason why guys like a challenge towards women is if he wins her over, no other man can have her? (which I think guys shouldn't do)?

Do you think the reason why guys like a little challenge towards wanting a woman is once he has her then feel like she can never like any other guy in the world except him?

Me personally I don't like it when after women already refuse to go out on a date or give him her number then after words as time moves on she changes her mind about him and see him as a potiental lover, cause in a way I can get a little jealous knowing if a woman ask a guy out on a date and if he rejects her, she would of already gotten over him and moved on... when am I gonna hear about a woman winning a guy over after he was being shy but she didn't let that stop her for wanting him in her life knowing she refuse to let a good guy go to waste... It just shouldn't seem like females are better than males due to males have a lot harder looking for a woman to like them compare if women are looking a guy to like her.

A shy guy is better than dealing with a guy who seems like a player, cause players will cheat on their women. Not that I'm saying women should turn down confident guys, they just need to know the difference between confidence and a guy who wants random hook ups.

  • A.) I have actually tried a second time to get a guy to like me after he rejected me and then he saw me attractive and the rest is history
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  • B.) Yes guys like a challenge, so he knows once he has her, she'll only find him attractive
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  • C.) No that's not the reason why guys like a challenge
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  • No, we don't like to be challenged. What the fuck?

    Women are bitches


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  • What the fuck

    • Why say it like that?

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    • I feel like if I approached a guy that I liked and he turned me down. If I kept trying to pursue him, he'd get annoyed.

    • @kandyK It depends on the guy

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