Girls, Under 25, if your boyfriend began losing his hair and had to shave his head bald would it be a turn off to you?

I'm already lost mine at 18 (condition) and am worried what girls think looks matter I know that, I have high standards on looks even now I'm bald, so I get they matter

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  • This young yes it's a turn off itd seriously strain how I felt towards him
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  • It's deal breaker for me, I'd leave him sorry
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Great, so looks like I'm screwed cause I can't grow hair, so much for less looks oriented sex girls, as a guy I admit looks matter, only thing is a fat girl or guy can lose weight, hajr cannot be regrown, and I've heard plenty of 'eww's and 'grosses' by attraxtive girls
Main thing is a guy can't do anything about hair, I shouldn't (and won't) lower my standards on a girl/her looks because I lost follicles
It's sad so many view it as so important it would strain how you feel, girls you clearly show that men are not the only looks oriented sex, not that it's wrong to need looks but it's wrong to say you don't care so much about looks then scoff at an unattractive man without hair
I can guess that those voting no hair wouldn't matter would of course be the more attractive girls probably :/
This is sad


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  • When I was 19 i dated a guy who was 24 and had started losing his hair. We broke up 5 years later but his hair wasn't the reason :P

    • There's a difference between slight thinning and severe loss, you could see through my hair clearly until I shaved, would you have dated him if he were Bruce Willis bald?

    • He used to shave his head. I never saw him with hair. Years later he got a hair transplant though.

    • But you didn't care he was bald? You still found him physically attractive? Because I'm sorry but I'd like a good looking girl to actually be attracted to my looks and not just my personality alone,

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  • My boyfriend has hair down to about the middle of his back and I love it so I'd be pretty horrified if his hair started to fall out. I mean, it happened to his father, so we're slightly concerned about it, but I'd be really unhappy if that did happen. So would he. But I've been with him for four years now so I'm not going to throw away the connection we have and how well we work together just because he's going bald.

    • But if you met him firstly as bald you likely would avoid said connection

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    • At least you admit looks matter, just know that even though a guy like myself is bakd we have every right to reject someone we find unattractive for a physical reason, (fat or pudgy, plain face etc)

    • Didn't say you didn't.

  • It's a turn off BUT wouldn't change how I felt about him

    • However would you have given him a shot if he first met you and he was bald?

      I got alopecia so I have no choice but to shave my head and I got high standards, just want to know how girls see a shaved head, if you have any insights how the masses feel please let me know

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    • I mean I've actually heard girls call bald guys attractive, but of course I've heard the opposite as well. It's really going to depend on the women

    • That's true but I was curious if it seemed a vast majority of girls against it, if I knew I could still get however many attractive looking girls young (however many needed until it worked to marriage so maybe even one) I wouldn't care I just worry for MOST girls (especially the more attractive, bald is an ugly trait