Dumped him cos the sex was so bad & he has a wandering eye, now he tells me I'm the best thing that's happened 2 him, would do anything 2 be with me?

But he reopened his online dating account since then and has been using it.

this all happened yesterday. I dumped him cos the sex was bad and I have a strong sex drive so when I'm not getting good sex I get cravings and am sexually frustrated. Also he would always perve on other girls in public while he was with me.

when I dumped him he said things like I was gorgeous, the hottest girl he's been with, the best thing that's happened to him he'd do anything for me etc. but couple hours later he was using his online dating account. I'm so confused!

Also he texted merry Christmas to me this morning


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  • you dumped him. why should you care he opened his online dating profile? and why are you keeping an eye on it and him?
    cutting someone off if not how you subtly hint to them that a relationship needs to be fixed, it is how you not-so-subtly hint to them that the relationship is over. YOU decided it was over. move on.

    lastly, every other woman on Earth does not magically become some horrendous beast in the eyes of a man just because he is in a relationship. Just because he notices other women, it doesn't mean anything. He'll forget what it was that he saw in 40 seconds. You remember all the women he looked at a hell of a lot more than he ever did, because they were momentary eye candy, but it was you he thinks about.
    well, not any more. you dumped him. rather than let that crush him, he moved on.


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  • Drop him like a hot potato. He's clearly seeking other girls and he's a creep!


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  • Well, you dumped him for being lame in bed. Either you can get back together with him and fully open up the communication to the point where he fully understands how shitty he is in bed and then help him get better or you can move on and stop being conflicted by all the begging and compliments he's whispering into your ear.

  • Ignore him and move on. Did you ever try to teach him how to have sex?

  • Where is the confusion? He gave you bad sex. He had the wandering eye. You dumped him. Suddenly because he says a few words, none of that is true anymore? You dumped him for good reasons, and those reasons didn't go away.

    You're just afraid of being alone, but remember there are lots of guys around. Just get another when you're ready.

  • He is moving on.
    Your ego is just hurt he didn't beg for you back


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