Girls, Ladies in the late 20s to late 30s age range, would you ever consider having a relationship with a man in his early 20s (21-24)?

And if so what kind of guy would he need to be? I'm not planning on just faking something to trap a lady into a relationship I'm just really curious. Or would you never be in a relationship with one that young? If so would you ever have a casual relationship or do you just want nothing to do with any young guy? Everyone is always talking about young girls and older guys but never hear from the older women what they think of the inverse of that.

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  • Generally, no. But if he was mature and brilliant, I might reconsider. I think I was more against it when I was in my early 20s because cougar then would mean boys in their teens. Now a grown up guy who is a little younger is different from a teen.

    • What do you mean by brilliant?

    • Smart. Smart enough to keep up with me or smarter. Before you joke, I can talk philosophy in ten languages.

  • Just looking at the number, that would be too young for me since typically we would be at different stage in our lives. Plus, I also have a brother who is 23, so mentally, I'd have a hard time getting over the gap, unless we clicked very very well. That said, I'm not completely closed off to the idea of dating younger guys. They'd just have to be a little bit older, like 27 or so.

    I don't do casual relationships.

    • Fair enough. Do you think you'd still be willing to date a 27 year old in your 40s?

    • i think at any age, i'd be more willing to date guys closer to my age, in either direction
      so probably not

  • If I was older, I wouldn't have an issue dating a younger guy.