How should I respond if my boyfriend was out without me 1 night and texted me a pic of him with a hot girl you'd never met saying it was his friend?


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  • Well, if you would never meet her, it's not his friend.

    • That doesn't answer my question...

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  • Clearly, those electric muscle therapy conductor pads and a few car batteries. And/or a gas can full of water and a towel. Either way you need a sturdy chair and a lot of duct tape. things that don't leave marks. Then text him a picture with it like "these are my friends".

    Sounds like he might be a petty jerk worth reconsidering dating, or he might just genuinely have zero tact and some attractive female friend.

    If it were me, even if one of the random attractive friends took a picture with me on my night out I certainly wouldn't text it to my girlfriend like "hey look!" zero context.

    • Doesn't answer my question I'm asking how I should respond.

    • Sorry. I guess I'd literally say "wtf dude? How do you EXPECT me to take that sorta pic? With no real context or reason why I'm looking at you with some strange girl?"
      I'm role playing as myself if it were a guy groping my girlfriend in a similar situation.

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  • I am not sure what I would do in your position.
    I wouldn't trust him for sure though.