Girls, does 2 inches make a difference to you heightwise?

Hi i recently found out my little brother is i'd say 5 cm or 2 inches taller than me it's been stuck on my mind for 2 days now, i am very insecure so it's no surprise i am cought up in this, reason this happened is because i wasn't sleeping very well when growing up the complete opposite of him so i ruined my growth.

i am about 194 cm 6 5 so he would be about i guess 197-200 6 7

does 2 inches or like 5 cm make any difference at all or is both good? as this bothers me a whole lot more than it should a WHOLE lot i believe i reached to where his eyes stopped or slightly more.

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should have worded the poll different and asked which is best instead


Most Helpful Girl

  • Once you get up to the mid 6' range it doesn't impact you as much. 5'10 and 5'8 is different.

    But as for you, Mr. 6'5, shut your mouth. Your height isn't hindering you in getting a girlfriend. Your attitude is.

    And siblings get taller. More often than not, the younger is taller.

    • Yeah being insecure is one of my specialities, that and socially awkward these answers helped though and made me smile i didn't expect that :)

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What Girls Said 4

  • You are 194cm? 😻

  • you're already insanely tall. calm down.

  • It does make a difference usually but not in your case as you are both so tall.

    • so nothing to think about? as i can't stop thinking about it

    • Stop worrying about it. Think sbout it this way, in many amusement parks, 195cm is the height limit for certain attractions and rollercoasters. Your brother is too tall but you are not. You can ride rollercoasters with your girl but your bro can't.
      Seriously you have nothing to worry. Modt girls want guys taller than they are. You are taller than 95% of girls. I'm 180 cm, most girls are shorter than I am. I wouldn't choose guy because he is 5cm taller than the other guy.

  • 195 cm is very tall and 2m is definitely too tall...

    • so then i should be happy not too tall not too short?

    • You are already very tall. My boyfriend is 195cm and he is one of the tallest people i have seen in my life.