I really miss him and want to see him but don't want to ask to?

A few days ago we my boyfriend and I were talking and he said he just doesn't want us to be around each other 24/7, so that made me think to step back because I do feel like I initiate any ideas to hang out and most contact so it made me just think generaly , so over the past few days we have barely spoken and I havnt seen him for a while which is harder because we used to see each other every day at school and now its the holidays. We are supposed to hang out new years but that's like a week away so I really wana ask to see him tomorrow but the thing is I'm too afraid to ask because in the past I've asked and he's said not that night which isn't a big deal however I really miss him so I want to ask but I don't want to basically be rejected cuz its boxing day so he might say no and be busy :(

I asked if he was busy tomorrow with family and he had said yes :( I wish though that he would take initiative and think like 'oh well I could see her after the family that night'. Or something like that :(
If anything I feel angry at him but don't know how to talk to him about how I feel. Dcause he will just say its all in my head or not understand


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  • He would be stupid to reject you especially on Christmas. I would wonder if he is still interested. I can understand that he may want some space, but you should never be afraid to ask your boyfriend to spend time with him. What you could do though is not keep him from doing stuff. Go with him instead of keeping him from doing what he wants. This way, he gets to do stuff and you get to see him.

    • Yeah well I can only ever recall like one time I've ever stopped him going to anything anyway, i know all guys are different and some like space so I just miss him to the point where if I ask and he does say no, because it may be because he's busy with family etc, that I'll feel so shit :/ do u think k should ask or just wait till new years?

    • Give him some time today to be with his family, but call him later and ask him. Just don't let it grt to you if he needs more time, there will always be tomorrow...

  • If he do that, he is stupid and you don, t need to be Shy to ask him to go out with you its the basic rule of dating compromise.


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