Soul mates or big dumb coincidence?

At 19/20 y. o I made a online dating profile, I saw this guy, thought he was perfectly my type, wanted to message him, but I was too shy & ended up deleting my profile. A few years later, I had a new friend who was moving out of town, she invited to a going away party via Facebook, I didn't really know any of her friends so I was looking through the invite list hoping to see someone I know, I didn't, but I did see this guy who I thought was really hot, and I from reading his profile I thought we'd get along perfectly! I was gonna message him, and ads him but my shyness wouldn't let me.

A year later, I had broken up with a boyfriend and was having a girls night out, an old friend from H. S. texted me and asked of I wanted to go to a bar with her and her friend, I was like sure and met up with her, she introduced me to her friend (whom she'd just meet at a gas station) lol but I was IMMEDIATELY drawn to him, beyond attraction, we exchanged numbers, the next time we met up, he asked for my Facebook, he added me, I realized he was the hot guy I wanted to message on the invites!

I didn't tell him , he invited me out with him and he tells me he used to be fat, he shows me a picture and I realized he was ALSO they guy on the online dating I was into but too shy to message.

We dated for a few months.. We fell out over something way dumb and over the past few years we've been on and off, mostly off, I'm afraid of being hurt and I cut him off over the tiniest things..

Right now we've been off for a while, the longest,

Could we be soul mates or was it just a big coincidence?


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  • It appears a coincidence.