What makes a girl datable?

Hi. I'm a chick who sort of chubby, short 5'1, funny, witty, adventurous, straight forward and smart. I love to crack jokes and everyone finds it super entertaining.
Problem is... no guys have approached me. Sadly I'm always the one approaching them. It makes me wonder what's wrong with me. What makes a girl datable? Does she have to act a certain way? Look a certain way? Dress a certain way? :S
I'm nice too and caring. I love to tease and act like a kid but I can be very philosophical too.
I kinda hate having to always approach or ask the guy out. :S


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  • First impressions is what makes a guy approach you at first, if your chubby your less likely to get approached and also how you dress also counts, but you could dress a certain way that it will be overlooked

    • That's true. I tend to wear looser more covering clothing

    • If it's possible to lose some weight and dress sexier you'll get attention and asked out

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  • Nothing is wrong with you. Guys are stereotypical jerks. When you go up to ask them out, its shows that you have confidence. Nothings wrong with you. You shouldn't have to change yourself to get a guy to like you, and if they don't then that's their problem not yours, whatever, one day there will be a guy that's perfect for you. You'll find your prince charming, he probably just got lost and is tooo stubborn to ask for directions ;)

    • It's so wrong for a guy to reject a woman for being overweight but totally fine for a woman to reject a man for being Short, these double standards sicken me

    • @Eric644 I see your point, I don't think people should immediately reject people just based on their appearance.

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  • Pics aren't loading OP. I'm restarting my computer right now.


    • Try to change hardware bro but 5'1 is where my dink at. Womanlets, wwtl?

    • @Polocrew huh?

  • I don't think most guys are into short chubby girls


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