Does anybody else think like this these days?

Some days I really want a boyfriend

And then every other day or maybe the next week I don't want a relationship at all

This has been going on ever since I ended my break from dating

I sometimes wonder if I should continue my break and give myself a year

It's pretty much one extreme or the other

I know it's Christmas and I'm having a great day but I have no problem blocking bitchy drama seekers, negativity, and trolls on my post

Merry Christmas!


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  • I want to be in a relationship but I was to find someone who matches what I want looks and personality wise. Some days I just don't want human interaction sometimes even 6-8 weeks... That's why I like dogs, my parents got me a German shepherd puppy... So far I like him, he is beautiful, smart, likes to eat and sleeping. I think I found a best friend!

    • I love german shepherds

    • Thank you so much!!, I love them also there beautiful and if trained well loyal and loving companions. Can't find a better pal and there happy with pieces of frozen green beans, snuggles and scratches behind there ears.

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  • Yeah i get that sometimes, but most days im just happy going with the flow, so im content with where i am now.


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  • I hear ya. Lately I've had no interest in having a girlfriend, which pleases my wife to no end. ; - )

    • Ha ha real funny palek

    • ; - ) Seriously, it sounds like you're unthinking things through, which is where many people drop the ball. As I've so often said: Always follow your heart... closely with your mind.

    • Correction: "unthinking" should read "thinking" (I hate the autocorrect thingy!)

  • Give it some time.

  • Yeah sometimes I'm lonely and want someone on holidays like this but then I remember all the drama that goes with it and then I'm like enjoying the peace and no stress

    • Around the holidays I don't feel lonely for anyone

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    • I get guys who just want casual sex but I always turn them down. I don't have casual sex.

    • Well at least your waiting for the right person then

  • No i think its normal. Give it some time. you'll find the right Person.


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  • Haha! Well, if you want to be independent then don't date. Dating takes part of your time to be with the other person. If you are in college or high school and you want to focus.
    Some girls really get distracted with the idea of spending time with their boyfriend that the flunk at school. But I mean, sometimes when you are single for quite a while, you forget what is like to be in a relationship haha.. it happened to me.