Would you date her if?

She's different from all your exes or the other stereotyped girls
She's real, has a personnality and a thing for "unusual" stuff that u also like
Same music taste, same sense of humor which by the way happened to be great
Healthy, sexy and beautiful but still didn't reach her dream body figure
.. when you are tall handsome and super super fit with a six pack and can have any girl u want?


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  • guys want a hot chick whos loyal and has a personality that can make him better in life.

    we dont care about what you wrote about being different. unless you dont want a man for his resources, you're all the same. pretty chicks use their looks to land a lifesytle while the less attractive ones get more education to land better jobs.

    id pick the balance of hotness and personality/loves me off

    • That s just sad for u to think that a woman is only a mental, everyday life, physical/lust support and nothing else and can't communicate with her on a deeper level.
      U should buy one of those dolls they sell in japan to give u a "hot chick who can talk "smart" and support u" -_____-

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    • all things aside. its how the dating world works in the adult world.

      i keep getting insulted and attacked for sharing my experiences as well as the experiences of many of my friends equating 100 to 400 relationships. we have experience of dating 6 to 10 women and observed breakups and divorces. along with these and psychology and philosophy of modern dating, i m telling you this.

      take what you will of dont at all. but dont insult others becuase you dont know shit and haven't experienced shit.

      hold on to your wishful thinking and get old waiting for it

    • @19 you guys dont know shit about money how much of a difference it makes and what really matters between 2 independent (or not) adults to make it or what they want.

      I've been 19, stakes are lower and people have lower standards as well as their needs.

      you play a different ball game past your early mid 20s.

      having said all this, a lot of it depends on where you and he falls into the attraction scale.

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  • I wouldn't date someone just because they were very different. I'd date someone I connected with on a level deeper than friendship.

  • I would definitely date her just bcoz she's different from others.

  • I surely would, as long as she is as intellectual and fun as advertised.


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