Are Female Libra and Male Gemini a good compatibility match?

Im into a male Gemini and I've been reading stuff about how were a semi great match but Gemimi males are flirty and cheat a lot.

I was wondering if this is true?
Are any of you gemini?
Or in a relationship with one?
Any tips on dating a Gemini?

Im 24 he's 27


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  • LOL I can;t take anyone seriously if they believe in this kind of crap. I remember I was dating a girl and she was seeing a physic and was basing her life choices off of what this women was telling her just lmao.


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  • As with all astrology, take it with a grain of salt. Or rather, quite a large grain of salt. There might be a few commonalities predicted by astrology, but I wouldn't count on them. People make their own choices and have their own personalities.


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  • Astrology is only 56% accurate. That's almost a coin flip level of accuracy. Just a thought.

  • Yea that's a great match


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