Would I be stupid to go back?

I was with a guy for 3 months, I called it off (the worse choice I ever made) and all we did for 2 months after was argue about feelings. But he's said I don't make him feel safe anymore because I keep walking away... But it's not as it sounds. We both started to move on, but not fully... He's told me he's slept with someone else in the 3 months we weren't together... I wanted to work things out with him, would I be stupid to even if I wasn't with him in the time he did this.. he told me why should he have waited around for someone who always calls it off... Understandable I guess, but I love him and he's said he loves me too.. What should I do?

  • He wasn't with you so there's no issue
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  • No don't go back
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  • Talk about beating a dead horse. You both need to let the relationship gooooooooooo.