What is it like to be JUST friends with an ex?

I could really use some help here, I am currently best friends with my ex boyfriend who I might have feelings for. But he doesn't feel the same I know that, because I admitted my feelings to him.

And well I have been friends with him for a while now we broke up in September and I have still had feelings for him ever since.

And he won't date me now because we have dated twice, & well he hurt me both times but that was only because he broke up with me both times, but during the relationship I was happy.

He specifically said this: "I feel for you as more of a friend I don't want to upset you, because every time we date I always hurt you in some way and I feel bad for it. And I don't want to hurt you in anyway." And after that he said that I am one of the best friends that he has ever had in his life and that I am a great person.

And that he cares about me a lot, and that he hopes that we will always be friends. And that I am one of the coolest girls he has ever met.

Its hard for me to think about actually losing him as a friend, because I don't necessarily want to lose him. But I can't help but like him either and I don't really want him to date other people. But I can't stop him either because I have no right to, so I am thinking about not being friends with him anymore.

Has anyone else been in a situation like this before? Because I need to know what route to take? I need to know if I should stay friends with him, or leave him.

Let me know your experiences with being friends with your ex.


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  • I think being friends with an ex is impossible. That's my experience anyway


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