Does my coworker like me?

So I have recently been vibing with a coworker. We work together all the time. We are extremely similar in our tastes, personalities, beliefs, and upbringings, etc., etc.

He teases me all the time, which I think is his form of flirting with me (maybe).

Yesterday we were working together and he asked me what I am like when I am angry. He said he can only remember one time he thinks he saw me angry, because I am happy a lot. I told him how I handle it, and he brought it up several times wanting to know more.

He also brought up a fact that I mentioned 5 months ago (good memory).

We just exchanged numbers and have texted a little (not often, but when we texted, they were decent conversations).

Do you guys think there is a chance he could like me?

Thank you friends!


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  • He probably has a thing for you.

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