Ex text me merry Christmas today? Good sign?

And he has continued to text me all day. Asking about my Christmas and all the rest. This is the first time he's reached out properly, and he put a kiss at the end of the messages too :).

I know it doesn't sound like much but he's been very closed off from me since we split and now he's really coming around again.

What do ya think?

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Anyone else wanna answer this question? I want to give a best answer, but would rather not give it to the person who's already answered this question, thanks :)


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  • It was probably a mass text. Don't read anything into it.

    • We texted the whole day until about 3 in the morning :)

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    • Stupid people bother me.

    • Oh well good luck then, there's no hope for yourself if that's the case :) haha

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