Potential Relationship: Money "Issues"?

I've been talking and hanging out wth a girl quite a bit lately. We aren't dating but in the process of taking it further. We're getting to know each other first before we do so.

An issue that I'm concerned with is money. No, I'm not broke and can't support myself or cannot afford to date her. However, because of decisions I made when I was younger, my credit score isn't the best and I'm in some debt. On too of that, I'm still in school finishing my degree while working part time so it's hard to try to bring up my credit score and pay off debt. She's a little younger and has some more school to do (Med student) however she's been very wise with her money and had little debt.

I'm concerned that this will be an issue between us. I'm definitely working to try and finish school soon so I can start a career and start paying off my debt and making money to support myself and a future relationship and family.

Should i I tell her about my credit issues? If you met someone who had credit issues would you give them a chance knowing their doing what they can do better?


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  • Depended on the money making issue


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