Girls, how do I flirt if I am ugly?

how do I create attraction for a one night stand or a relationship? being a 160 lb (but try to lose weight) Indian male is a curse. should I just lie about my race? I also have a slight accent.


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  • How to create attraction:

    - Be confident.
    - Work on and eliminate whatever damages your self-esteem in order to build up confidence.
    - Again, believe in yourself. Smile. Strike up a conversation.
    - Don't fucking lie about anything. Take pride in your heritage, people should like you for who you are not for who you pretend to be.
    - Accents can work in your favor. But it's more about WHAT you have to say and not how the things you say sound with your accent, so try to be well-read and well-informed. It's attractive if a guy can hold an interesting conversation.
    - Work out, eat clean. Health and vigour are attractive.
    - Generosity, humour, warmth and chivalry are attractive, too.

    Flirting is a matter of feeling comfortable in your own skin. If you feel that way, you'll summon sufficient courage to play the courting game. It's like a dance, back and forth, testing waters, feeling each other out, gauging interest etc. Next time you see a girl you like, flash a smile. If she doesn't respond move on! If she does, the ball is back in your court, go strike up a conversation. For starters, try to not go for the hottest girl in the room. Start with girls that actually don't crush your self-esteem simply by existing because that's how I imagine you feel if you readily call yourself ugly.
    Whatever you do, don't think that you're ugly and need some special "mate-attracting-methods-for-ugly-people" kinda technique. Be confident. See, I am repeating myself.


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  • You shouldn't have to lie about your race. Some people are attracted to other races and accents. It's not something you can really hide due to hair and skin tone. Also beauty isn't a real thing. Sorry to say but you're wrong you're not ugly. What one person finds ugly another finds beautiful. Sorry but it's not real it's an opinion. So be funny, find a common interest, or just be yourself and someone will like you as you are.

  • What do you look like, send a picture. Also if you think you're ugly, what makes you think someone else would want you? You have to have more self esteem. If you value yourself as ugly why would anyone else think differently.