I find this lesbian that looks like a boy attractive/intriguing but I'm straight?

Just wanted to know if this is normal? Is it usual/common for straight women to find butch/male-looking lesbians attractive? I don't find girls attractive usually but this girl looks like a boy and there's something about her, however I would never date her. I am attracted to boys.


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  • Well if you're attracted to a girl BECAUSE she looks like a boy, I think it's pretty clear you're into boys.

    Do you have romantic or sexual attraction towards her? Or do you just find her aesthetically pleasant?

    • I just think she's hot, but if she was a lesbian who looked like a girly girl I wouldn't look twice/think anything of her because I'm not interested in girls. Make sense?

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    • Ahhhh you're my saviour thank you so much I was freaking out about how I'd come to terms with it haha, true when you put it into perspective x

    • Haha yay! No problem :)

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  • If you're attracted to a girl then you're attracted to a girl. That means you aren't entirely straight.

    • She looks like a boy though? So I'm not attracted to her for her womanly features?

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    • Well thanks for the help anyway :)

    • If it bugs you then I would suggest just speaking to her when necessary but otherwise just go about your business at work