My boyfriend didn't call me for Christmas when I asked. What should I do?

He texted me once Wednesday saying, "home." It was bad weather and I wanted him to tell me that he was safe. Christmas eve I texted him around 7pm and didn't hear from him till 10 minutes before 12. I was in bed by that time. Christmas day again I had to text him Merry Christmas. He said Merry Christmas and said he was sorry busy.

All I had asked was for him to call me for Christmas even if its a few minutes and he didn't. His family knows me they've met me. He could have easily taken the time to call me for a moment, his family would have understood. We've been dating for 6 months now. We've always had good communication but this time he really upset me and i feel hurt. I didn't ask for much. He could have called early on or before bed when things weren't so crazy. I don't get it.

But I cried. He made me cry. I am going to talk to him when he gets home. But I was hoping for some advice. I still love him but the whole thing just doesn't feel right. Its not like him to just well not communicate. I know he doesn't see his family often. I gave him the space he needed to spend with them. So I really didn't want to intrude or inturrupt when I didn't know what he was doing. What is also upsetting is that his mom messages me saying Merry Christmas FIRST before HIM!!!

So any input on this would be great. I don't like playing games but my cousin had suggested I should make him miss me.


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  • You should talk to him first and let him know how you're feeling. Don't play games, at least not now, as that will make a problem rather than alleviating a tiny hiccup. Things happen and get in the way, so talk to him and make him understand. This isn't a time to take the first exit.

    • I left a voicemail not too long ago. Hopefully I hear back soon. Tried to sound as collected as I could, but my voice was breaking. He did make me cry after all, although I feel it wasn't intentional.

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    • We talked. He cried and apologized for hurting me. It's been days now since that conversation and I still don't quite feel right and I don't know why. And even now I still feel like crying. Could be because I never thought someone as special and amazing as he would ever hurt me? I love him so much, that it hurt that much more.

    • That sounds exactly it... It hurts all the more when it's someone who we care the most about.

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